Well, SHIT.

Just got off the phone with the powers-that-be at the KCRF.

They won’t be hiring Bard’s Bouts this year (despite our being a runner-up for “Best Stage Show” last year), because “there just isn’t the budget for it.”

I hit ’em with a counterproposal (that some of you are aware of), and he’s at least nominally interested…but the provisions he’s putting on it (hat only, street work and all shows at the Berm) makes it very, very unattractive.

Lot to think about.

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  1. Well, damn! Personally, we’d love to see you at the Bern since that way we might get to see a bit of your show, finally. I think you guys would kick some butt at the Berm but that’s just one perspective.

    Hope it works out, man. And you know, winning those awards is pretty much the kiss of death anyway…

  2. Guess they got the Washing Well Wenches after all (the gig’s up on their website). So very sorry that you guys got fuckered in the process.

    I can well understand your reticence in taking what’s he’ll offer for the counterproposal…but it would seem to me that if you were hired to do street on top of the shows, you should at least get paid street performer money (as nominal as that is).


  3. I think you guys would kick some butt at the Berm but that’s just one perspective.

    Another perspective is that it’s a pain in the ass to do fight-based shows on the berm, and the big drawback is that it’s got some of the worst audience seating at the entire Festival….a very big concern when you’re drawing hat-only.

  4. Actually, that’s what I understood. We wouldn’t get paid as a stage show…only the street pittance, and hat-passing rights.

  5. Good point. Hell, I wonder how much longer they’ll be able to use that as a stage at all, before it completely falls into the ditch.

  6. Here’s another idea: as talented as you guys are, what about getting together and cutting a comedy CD? I recently heard the latest Fireside Theater CD and was, quite frankly, bored. I have no doubt that you guys would put out a great product which would give you added profit base at your shows. I mean, hell, you’ve got the ‘random announcements’ thing which is brilliant to beging with…

    I have no doubt that you have the recording capability and if you need a good CD duplicator, we’ve got a great one down here and I’m sure there are some good ones in the area as well.

  7. I don’t envy you the decision you have before you, my dear.

    I can only suggest that you weigh most carefully the levels of bullshit inherent in any option you consider…and do those levels outweigh what fun you could derive from your participation.

    That’s what did it for me anyway.


  8. Still waiting to hear the opinions of my partners.

    God help me. At this point, I’ve even entertained the thought of just saying “fuck it” and auditioning.

  9. Considering the roles available in this year’s scenario, I can well understand why this might be tempting to you. The one thing that can be said regarding the the counterproposal perspective is that the “requirements” would be mostly minimal (12-15 hours of Academy-ish, plus some promos), as opposed to the inherently grueling rehearsal schedule that will be imposed on the poor bastards who jump into that fire.


  10. Right now, the most attractive things about giving up the idea of a stage show and just auditioning are the fact that it would remove the uncertainty (it wouldn’t be dependent upon anyone else’s plans) and the rehearsals and such would get me out of the house on a regular basis.

  11. Both quality points from where you are sitting, to be sure.

    Then, of course, you must take into account that auditioning does not guaranty results you might like.


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