Friday Music

Back to a good-sized selection this week. A nice combination of new and old.

First up, for , the song that is featured in the Geico Caveman (the one with him on the moving sidewalk at the airport). She always hums along to it, so here’s the full song (courtesy of an informative post earlier this week by ): Royksopp – “Remind Me.”

Some late-1950s slow-drawl rockabilly from the incomperable Kip Tyler. It is Teh Sexxay, in my opinion: Kip Tyler – “She’s My Witch.”

UNKLE has a new album coming out next month, called War Stories. Singles have started to leak out to the net, and they’re brilliant. I’m liking what I’m hearing very much. Really excellent stuff. Here are two tracks:

UNKLE – “Morning Rage.”


UNKLE- “Persons and Machinery.”

I heard this track while listening to Flashback Alternatives this week. One of those moments where you suddenly remember a favorite song that you literally haven’t thought of in 20 years. I had already been a big fan of the group’s first album when this, the title track off their second album, was released in 1985….and even if I wasn’t already a fan, the organ chords that start the song would have gotten me. The Alarm – “Strength.”

Here’s a new electronic pop group out of Brooklyn which I first heard this week. They kinda remind me of what you’d get if you mixed The Cocteau Twins with The Books. LEYODE – “Isabelle.”

Another 80s track, from another Prince project — this time from his drummer, Sheila E, whose first album was filled with songs written by Prince, and featured His Royal Purple BadAssNess on backing vocals and random instruments. I always liked this track much more than the bigger hit, “The Glamorous Life.” Sheila E. – “Love Bizarre.”

Lastly, one of the Beastie Boy’s instrumental tracks. This one initially appeared on Check Your Head, before being featured on the all-instrumental collection The In Sounds From Way Out. I’ve always been a fan of the Beastie’s instrumental work, and I hear that they’ve got a new instrumental album coming out soon, which I hope to check out. In the meantime, though, here’s the best track ever from an imaginary soundtrack to a non-existent grindhouse film: The Beastie Boys – “In 3s”

There you have it. Enjoy.

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  1. Saw Prince in concert last month in Vegas, and Sheila E was there. She even performed Love Bizarre.


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