Houston, We Have Passport.

Minion Launch is a Go.

The FedEx courier delivered the passport 15 minutes ago, an hour and a half ahead of schedule.

It cost me an extra $350 bucks, but my little girl is going to fly to Germany with her group tomorrow morning.

I’m currently sitting back, drinking a shandy (lemonade and Boulevard Wheat beer) and relaxing.

I’m eventually going to try to get reimbursed, but I’m not holding my breath.

But for now, everything’s in place, and Minion leaves tomorrow for the experience of a lifetime.

10 Replies to “Houston, We Have Passport.”

  1. Thank the gods, I’ve been holding hope for that all damn day as well. May her journey be fabulous and her experiences truly enrich her life.

  2. Oh, wonderful!!! I’ve had my fingers crossed for her! She will indeed have the experience of a lifetime! Please let her know she will be in my thoughts and prayers til she is safely there and home again!

  3. I feel you on the passport thing, Kate hasn’t had a proper visit with her dad since the border guards threatened not to allow her back from her class trip to Victoria at the beginning of April. I *hope* to have it sorted out for her by the time school lets out at the end of June.

  4. Chiming in late (too tired to type straight last night, and didn’t that make revisions fun!) but excellent! I hope she has a great trip.

  5. Yay! I am glad that the passport has arrived and that she can go on the trip! That is excellent news! Sorry you had to deal with such ridiculous red tape to get it! Enjoy your well-deserved drink!

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