Typhoid Bubba

So that chucklehead who decided to fly on two long transatlantic flights, despite the fact that he’d been diagnosed with TB and advised not to travel?

Just described in on Olbermann’s show as “A man from the Atlanta area.”

Yeah, pretty much all you need to know, right there.

His travel plans were far more important than, oh, I dunno….NOT spreading a drug-resistant virus in a contained air system aboard a plane filled with hundreds of people. (Twice, even.)

Yeah….pretty much sums up the experience I have of Atlanta residents.

4 Replies to “Typhoid Bubba”

  1. Yeah, and sneaking back to the US on Czech Air through Canada just shows that he wasn’t stupid. He just didn’t care! What a fucktard!

  2. I hope that there weren’t any babies on those flights! How incredibly irresponsible and selfish! Since this guy can afford to travel all over the world, I hope he is held responsible for paying for tests for all the other passengers.

    I think the rest of the world now will think even less of Americans! There is not a state in this country where this person could have been from that would have surprised me, though. I see selfish, inconsiderate jerks here in New York all the time. I fear they are everywhere…

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