Multi-Doctor Adventure!!!

Normally, I don’t pay attention to any “news” that is broken by The Sun, but in this case, it echoes something that ex-Doctor Sylvester McCoy said at an event last week in New Zealand, so I’m taking it as at least a strong possibility.

Rumor has it that the Doctor Who content for this November’s Children In Need broadcast will be a meeting between the 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) and the 5th Doctor (played by Peter Davison), scripted by my favorite writer for the new series, Steven Moffat (Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, etc.)!


5 Replies to “Multi-Doctor Adventure!!!”

  1. woo-hoo!

    Wussfest 2007! (no, seriously, I really like Davison. It’s just funny to think of the two pretty-boy sensitive types on screen together).

  2. Excellent!

    I think it would be lovely to see Tennant in an episode with one of his predecessors, particularly Davison.

    Mind you, David’s been getting on in years and has added a few pounds since ’84.

    Davison as DC Davies in The Last Detective

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