It was announced a while back, but in case you missed it (like I did):

Grindhouse is being released as two seperate DVDs. Planet Terror will include everything from the beginning (including the Machete trailer) to the end of PT’s credits, and Death Proof will include the “half time” trailers, and the whole film (probably the longer version that ran at Cannes).

That’s what was announced, at least. However, checking Amazon, I see nothing in either films DVD release information entries that indicates that the trailers are there….and it appears that Death Proof is being released FIRST.

So, those of us who saw Grindhouse in the cinema when it briefly played are the only ones who will have gotten the true experience.


Time to search for a bootleg on Bittorrent, methinks.

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  1. I’m sorry that I’ve contributed to this. While I greatly appreciate what they were trying to do artistically, I’m not a fan of the genre and didn’t go see the movies. In fact, I probley would have bought the DVD just to support them(I’m weird, I do that with Zach Braff films too).

    And now I won’t have that chance. And I think that’s idiotic.

  2. Well, in the case of KILL BILL, the entire package (KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR) was only released as a complete, unedited single film in Japan (and at the Cannes film festival), and only on DVD in Japan.

    I know this, because I had to track down a bootleg on that one, too.

  3. So what’s the deal, other than they probably showed the films back to back? What’s the big? I didn’t see them at le movies.

  4. Sucktastic. So glad I saw it in the theater as one film.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a single special edition is released next year that includes both films and the fake trailers.

  5. It was intended to be a recreation/homage to the 70s grindhouse (urban 24-hour theater) experience — it included 70s-style “Our Feature Presentation” animations, fake trailers for “coming attractions”….including “She-Wolves of the SS” by Rob Zombie, “Machete” by Robert Rodriguez, “Thanksgiving” (a holiday-themed slasher movie) by Eli Roth, etc. Plus the double feature. The whole thing done with film scratches, missing reels, etc. It was totally immersive.

  6. No current plans, from what I’ve read. They’re planning on releasing follow-up versions that are “lost remastered editions”, which are extended and missing the scratches, etc. WHICH MISSES THE ENTIRE GODDAMN POINT, of course.

  7. Secret timeline found @ studios:

    2007 (Q4): Death Proof
    2008 (Q1): Planet Terror
    2008 (Q4): Director’s Cut editions of each with two deleted scenes and 90 minutes of Tarantino talking about the type of film he used
    2009 (Q2): Special Editions of each which come in designer cases with seatbelts and zombie goo, respectively. One more deleted scene included.
    2009 (Q4): Criterion Collection edition of combined version with no static and controversial “Sayid Shot First” reshoot.
    2010 (Q1): Definitive Edition which is a combination of the Director’s Cut and Criterion Collection. Movie posters included.
    2010 (Q3): Director’s Definitive Theatrical Release. Finally!

  8. Oh, crap. I thought the separate releases were in addition to a combined Grindhouse DVD. Now you’re saying they’re instead of one?

    That’s lame. :-(

  9. Splitting up the movie misses the entire point of making the damn movie in the first place.

    Dollars to donuts Planet Terror would outsell Death Proof, which is probably why they stuck the mid-film trailers in with Death Proof. As one complete film, Grindhouse had a nice, built in bathroom break in the form of the Austin half of Death Proof.

  10. I didn’t know about the fake trailers and should’ve guessed about the scratches, etc.

    So what’s the deal with selling the films seperately? Are they leaving out the scratches and other cool stuff or is it that with the films being seperate the immersion into “grindhouse” is lost?

  11. You think thats bad. At least you got a limited release…

    Over here in the UK we are clearly too damn stupid to understand the many hours of Tarantino’s interviews, and the influence of decades of movie talk about these things called ‘drive ins’…

    Clearly we are some dullwits to have paid almost no attention to any cinema from the 50’s and 60’s, nor would we be able to penetrate the concept that inspired this homage to a movie style.

    Best not bother release it at all then… Seeing as we wouldn’t get it… No wait… They STILL HAVN’T…

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